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At Alvexo, traders are given free trading signals that can be used to generate trading ideas when they don’t have the time to perform a tedious analysis.
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Alvexo is a Forex Broker firm that was founded by high tech professionals and veterans in Forex trading. The main objective of the firm was to offer general trade services and investments to help traders get the best forecasts. Alvexo was started in 2014 and it is currently run by VPR safe Financial Group Ltd. This group was registered as Cyprus Limited Company in 2013 although it changed its names in 2014. In Alvexo, traders can use three trading platforms to trade:

• MT4 platform
• Mobile platform
• Web Trade platform

MT4 Platform

Traders who are interested in using this platform can download it from the broker’s site. After downloading, traders can then be offered different methods of training among other things. This is the leading platform in the world and it offers Forex traders numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits of using this platform:

• Trailing stops
• Taking profit limits
• Utilizing stop loss
• Putting limit orders
• Getting access to breaking news
• Traders can incorporate their own customized codes in order to automate trading
• Using Expert Advisors

Forex trading in South Africa online mainly relies on the MT4 platform because traders can comfortably rely on their expertise to make profits. In fact, if you know how to use this platform you can reap numerous benefits as a Forex trader.

Web Trader Platform

This platform is used by traders who have a computer and an internet connection. Unlike mobile trading platform, this platform has numerous trading tools e.g. charting and news tools to help traders understand and follow what is happening in Forex trading. Online Forex trading in South Africa also relies on this platform due to the fact that it offers a wide range of trading tools. The main reason why this platform was introduced by Alvexo was to help traders access trading opportunities without relying on the desktop application. Therefore, you can access trading opportunities from anywhere as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

Mobile Trading Platform

There are mobile trading applications that have been developed to help Forex traders rely on android phones. Nowadays, a lot of people are relying on their mobile phones for a lot of things from marketing to selling. Since Forex trading has become very popular and most people are relying on it, mobile app developers have developed both IOS and Android apps to help traders. Alvexo has a mobile trading app that has several trading tools for traders to use.

Customer support

You don’t have to be worried if you are relying on Alvexo to trade because you can contact their customer support at any time. Alvexo offers multilingual client support through the phone in Spain, Sweden, UK, France, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, and South Africa. You can also get customer support via e-mail and fax depending on your preferred method of communication.

Alvexo hasn’t stayed for a long time in Forex trading business but it has become one of the leading Forex trading firms globally. They offer competitive pricing, numerous trading tools, and reliable customer support. It has adhered to all laws and regulations to offer reliable and professional services to traders.

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