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Join IQ Option [read review] for the best binary tournaments online! A tournament is a competition that takes place between traders. Every participant obtains a tournament account, which will contain the same amount. Complicated rules are nonexistent in these tournaments. The participant with the most money at the end is the one who wins! The best traders usually divide the prize pool among each other.

IQ have some tournaments where participants are allowed to reload their account balance by depositing original amount inreal money. The number of rebuys allowed, which are totaled and integrated to the prize pool, are unlimited when the current profit and balance from open positions are lesser than the starting balance.

When the tournament hasn't started yet, nothing will happento one's account until it does, but participants will still be visible in the list. Once the tournament begins, according to the balance on the participant's accounts, the list will adjust.

Participate in FREE tournaments at IQ Option [read review] with the chance to win real cash prizes!

If one ends up being awarded one of the prizes in the binary trading tournament, one's winnings would be credited to one's account once the tournament comes to an end. In most cases, this tends to occur instantly, but in some situations it can take a few minutes or up to an hour, which is not bad at all if one stops and thinks about how things in this aspect function in other types of tournaments.

This type of tournament is very simple to get the hang of, hence its popularity. In recent years, more people have decided to join, and it seems like this is not going to change anytime soon. Traders tend to have a great time while learning more about this field that keeps changing in different aspects. Get started now at IQ Option [read review] !