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The month of May had a lot of traders who made profit on the Ayrex [read review] binary platform, but there were three, in particular, that were able to stand out from the rest due to gaining the most profits: Yusri A. from Malaysia, Iman T. from Indonesia, and Marco P. from Italy. Nobody can deny that the binary options trading field is of high risk, but their success stories prove that meaningful rewards can come your way if you undertake the proper steps.

Best Increment

When it comes to who had the best increment in the binary trading arena, it was no other than Yusri. This trader's favorite asset was GBP/USD. The profit percentage gain of this trader was 8257%! He turned $201.00 into $16,657.00.

Fastest Growth

Iman had the most rapid growth. It all happened in just four days for this trader. The option type was short term, and the favorite asset was EUR/GBP. This trader turned $41.00 into $1,795.00. Quite incredible!

Biggest Outcome

Italy's trader, Marco, got the biggest outcome. He turned $9,418.00 into $27,125.00. This trader's rise happened quite fast. His favorite asset was EUR/USD.

Be Part of the Success!

You can definitely be part of the success, and thus, be one of the top traders of this month. With the stats that Ayrex [read review] provides, you can improve your trading strategies in order for you to profit even more than what you already are right now.